Catch Oscar shorts at Ballantyne Village Theatre


  • Toyland

The presentations of the Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film and Best Live Action Short are generally the signal for most TV viewers of the ceremony to opt for that bathroom break. After all, who cares about awards for films that nobody has seen?

Fortunately for local movie lovers, all 10 works nominated in those two categories this year can be seen starting today at the Ballantyne Village Theatre. Airing at alternate times throughout the day, The Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Live Action and The Oscar-Nominated Short Films: Animation offer idiosyncratic titles hailing from all over the world.


Indeed, only one piece — the toon tale Presto — comes from the U.S.: That would also be the most familiar title in the combined line-ups, as this charmer about a magician and a rabbit was the short that preceded WALL-E during its theatrical run. The other films arrive from various international spots, including France, Japan and Denmark. One live-action effort from Germany, Spielzeugland (Toyland), might sound familiar to festival followers: It earned the Best Short Film Award at last year's Asheville Film Festival.

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