Muddling through Morning News: Jan. 29



Yawning. Fox News Rising should be lauded for trying to get people back to work, but I think they killed it this morning when Mark Mathis promised to do something special to an employer who hires someone from the show.

Over on NewsChannel 36, the worst news I've heard all week: the folks responsible for Girl Scouts Cookies have cut the number of the cookies. Expect three to four less cookies in each box. The anchor said if you want to combat this, buy more boxes.

Despite the fact that PETA's ad won't be running during the Super Bowl, people can't stop talking about it. WCNC showed about 15 seconds of it. Good job PETA, you got free advertising.

WSOC-TV wants Burke County residents to know you're going to have a problem finding weed. Police busted someone growing marijuana at home. They found plants and instructional videos.

The Today Show seems pretty PO'd that change is coming slow to Washington. While President Barack Obama's stimulus package passed the House, no Republicans voted for it.

Grossness to the highest level. The Georgia plant where the tainted peanut butter came from has a leaky roof and roaches, yet they were still allowed to ship food. Not only should the company be sued, but the health inspector should have to eat the left over crackers for falling down on the job.

In more Obama news, his children didn't have to go to school in D.C. yesterday because of snow. Man, they would love it in Charlotte. The Chicago family is used to going through the snow. Obama said his seven-year-old said they still had recess in the snow in Chi-Town.

Good Morning America showed a 16-month-old little girl dancing like Beyonce this morning. Of course the producer of that segment had to be a man because he had the split screen of Beyonce doing her thing.

Former mega-church pastor Ted Haggard and his wife were on the show this morning. Just as his HBO special is about air, detailing his life after his fall from grace for having sex with a man and doing drugs, another former church member comes out and says Haggard exposed himself to him. The man went to Haggard for help with his homosexuality.

Despite all of this, his wife is standing by his side. I have to give it up to Robin Roberts; for a morning show interview, she asked some tough questions.

So, I spent a lot of time on GMA this morning because they had some interesting stories, like women going online looking for and finding sugar daddies.

Some say the "sugar babies" are giving up their self respect. But an 18-year-old said she's having a lovely life. She has designer bags and Manolo Blaniks. The sugar daddy is a married 40-year-old. He says sex isn't the only reason he's with her. He just wants to feel young.

Some women say this is just prostitution. "You are selling yourself if you're in a relationship like this," a woman said.

But a former sugar baby said it's just dating. ABC is slick. They pulled out Ashley Dupree who said she thought the escort business was like dating. Ooh, they just called the sugar babies prostitutes. But with the shaky economy, sites like are seeing a spike in unemployed women joining.

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