Obama-rama Nude Blogging Part 9



Today, I'm taking in the Inaugration of Barack Obama on my couch by watching every network. This is history.


11:46: Dianne Feinstein needs to cut her speech short.

11:48 Rick Warren is about to do the invoccation and I hope he doesn't pray long.

The Lord is one.

I've never heard people cheer during a prayer. There is a first time for everything.

ABC just showed a shot in Selma, Alabama. That was powerful.

11:53: Aretha Franklin is about to sing, she sounds way better than Beyonce!

11:55: Obama will be president in five minutes and I didn't know My Country Tis of The was this long of a song!  Joe Biden is about to get sworn in as vice president.

Here it comes, Barack Obama is about to take the oath of office and in two minutes, he will be the President of The United States of America!

12:00 Obama is president. He hasn't taken the oath yet, because there is some odd musical performance going on right now. But by law, he's president.

12:04: It's time for the presidential oath of office. The website has changed and Obama is recognized as the President of the United States. And he did use his middle name. He forgot part of the oath. I can't wait to see what Fox News has to say.

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