Obama-rama, Nude Blogging Part 10



Today, I'm taking in the Inaugration of Barack Obama on my couch by watching every network. This is history.

Fox News doesn't have much to say, but the speech ain't over yet!

12:07: President Barack Obama is delivering his first speech as President of The United States and he thanked FORMER president Bush. Today I saw to you the challenges we face are real, but know this America, they will be met!

We have chosen hope over fear, the President said.

It is time to remake America, said the President.

He must not be cold, because he sure is giving a long speech.

Tough talk, you can't outlast us and we will defeat you.

12:23: Somebody's cell phone just rang. It's amazing that it's millions of people out there and everyone is silent listening to President Barack Obama.

12:26: The speech is over. People are in the crowd crying, hugging and I'm sure some of them have to pee.

12:27: Elizabeth Alexander is reading a poem. "Praise song for the day."

12:33: The Rev. Joseph Lowery is giving the closing prayer. He's praying for healing. "Help us to make choices on the side of love and not hate." Amen!  He is 87 years old, the dean of the civil rights movement, says Fox News.

12:38: The singing of the National Anthem. Obama is singing right along.

America, we have an new president. Aren't you happy?!?

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