The end of Incurious George



Bush just doesn't want to leave, does he? Despite the fact that most people want him to just get the hell out of the way, President Screw-up has been giving interviews lately to anyone who'll listen. As New York Times columnist Frank Rich put it, President TortureKing "keeps trying to hawk his goods in these final days, like a salesman who hasn't been told by the home office that his product has been discontinued."

Yesterday, Dubya held his final press conference where he proved he's still the most un-self-aware person on Earth, oblivious to just how disastrous his reign of error has been. Now he wants to deliver a "farewell address" to the nation Thursday, just to rub it in, I guess. What do you wanna bet he'll pull some fratboyish stunt at Obama's inauguration? Watch President Doofus' farewell bumblings if you must, but in the meantime, read this week's CL for a look at how Bush's catastrophic terms in office compare to those of other awful U.S. presidents, and find out if he is indeed what so many say he is: the absolute worst of the worst Presidents we've had to endure.

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