Inauguration blog, Part 2



OK, things have changed since my last exciting Obama Inauguration blog entry. At that time, I hadn't really planned to go, but since it's apparently now a federal law that any and all journalists must tell the blogosphere about their inauguration trip, I finally got moving. Except that, well, there's not a hotel room available within, like, 200 miles. Nor motels. Nor YMCA rooms, nor even YMCA closet space. Hell, even the homeless shelters are full up with reservations! So here's the plan: my wife and I are renting a mini-van, packing up some sleeping bags, and we'll just see what happens. Probably have to sleep at a rest stop in Maryland or something, maybe hitch a ride into the city, hope to meet someone we know with a hotel room so we can shower — otherwise the ride back could get pretty funky. Don't know how close to the inauguration we'll actually get, but we'll be sure to let you know all about it, right here in my exclusive, uber-exciting, all-inclusive Inauguration Blog. Stay tuned!

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