Nancy Grace is a psycho!



OK, I dropped a proverbial Cleveland Steamer on Ann Coulter earlier today, now it's time to diss Nancy Grace.

Wow, she's a fucking psycho. Have you ever watched this show? It's probably the most sensational, smear-tactic-filled piece of yellow journalism I have ever witnessed. And, yes, I watch the shit every damn day.

Jesus save me!

Usually, her crappy program focuses on numerous true-crime personalities, but lately she's been focused on one person in particular: Casey Anthony the "Tot Mom," mother of the now-dead child Caylee Anthony. Every episode of Grace's show talks about Caylee and her "Tot Mom." It's bizarre. And hilarious.

I'm glad Nancy exists because she brings me lots of joy, but she is one crazy old lady.

Check out her nutty ass in action:

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