Profile: Artist Jung Han Kim


Jung Han Kim with his artwork, titled "2nd Street at Natoma"
  • Jung Han Kim with his artwork, titled "2nd Street at Natoma"

South Korean artist Jung Han Kim has been fascinated by art since he was a child. His artwork -- which ranges from smaller pieces to large, extensive scenes -- reflect his observations on a variety of city landscapes and figures. His work is featured in Elder Gallery’s newest exhibition The Young and the Experienced.

Kim’s interest in art began in Seoul, South Korea. “Back then I read a lot of comics, I copied them and I really enjoyed it. Actually I have written a comic book. I guess that was the start,” he says.

In 2001 Kim moved to the United States to pursue a degree at Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, California. Now, the 36-year-old Kim balances his time between teaching (at Academy of Arts University) and painting. Since 2006, he has also written a bi-weekly art column for the Korea Daily Newspaper.

To create lighting in his work, Kim usually researches a landscape by taking photos during various times of the day. He does this before going into the studio to begin painting.

“When my students ask me about how to be an artist, I have told them that first you have to believe in yourself,” Kim says.

Kim’s art is also currently featured in three other galleries in the United States, including two in California and one in Texas. He is falls into the “Young” artists category at Elder Gallery’s exhibition, which continues through Jan. 31.

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