Bring a pillow, or something to read: It's First Night Charlotte!



What better way to end the year than to numb yourself out at the newly revived First Night Charlotte, aka White Middle-aged Nerds Venturing Uptown After Dark? It's a "family-friendly" event, particularly if your family is like Beaver's parents, the Cleavers. I remember the very first couple of First Night Charlotte events in the mid-80s all too well: the fakey cheer, the mind-numbing dullness, the bankers and their spouses walking around, bundled up against the cold, their faces stretched by frozen grins that silently shouted, "We're pretending this is really cool even though we're bored out of our skulls." Those early First Nights came as close to making a public space feel stale and hermetically sealed from the rest of the city as was possible. By its last couple of years, First Night had livened up considerably which, of course, meant it would be canceled soon. And it was. Perhaps this year's renewal of First Night, organized by those wild partygoers at Center City Partners (ahem), will be great. Just in case, though, you might want to check out CL's massive list of other New Year's happenings. There's LOTS going on tonight in Charlotte, so take your pick.

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