Does "Living in public housing" = "Having EVERYTHING handed to you?"




Back when Mayor Pat McCrory was running against state Rep. Beverly Earle for reelection, he spoke at an east Charlotte meeting about his hope that Section 8 recipients would have to work if they wanted government benefits.

Today, The Charlotte Observer reported that the Charlotte Housing Authority is going to implement such requirements on public housing residents. (Many residents already are required to work, for what it's worth.) It's a common-sense idea, to be sure, but I'm shocked by the vitriol in the comments section. I shouldn't be surprised: hatred of the welfare class is practically an American tradition. No one likes a lazy shit, but sheesh! Take a gander at some of these doozies:

Honestly- the solution is to take a state with little population and set up a giant camp for all the able bodied people who seem to need constant assistance- give 'em a cot, 3 meals a day and a dose of birth control. Set up TV's for them. Just get them far away from all of us who work hard and have to deal with their stupidity.

I think this NEEDS to be done!!! Nothing pisses me off more than people living for free who are capable of working [just lazy] meanwhile I pay for their living expenses! If you can't afford 15 kids, don't have 15 kids. I am 22 years old, own my own home [$236,000] and am trying to go to school full time as well as working full time and cannot get ANY grants or aid because MY PARENTS make too much although my parents stopped paying for my stuff 8 years ago!!! How come people who CHOOSE not to better their lives and go to work/school get EVERYTHING handed to them but the people who choose TO better their lives with as little assistance as possible can't get help when they need it?

Incidentally, anyone who's spent time in public housing can attest that living there — even at a reduced rate or, horrors, for free — isn't exactly getting "EVERYTHING handed to them." Just sayin'.

I'd rather pay for birth control and neutering than their housing. Less babies = less crime and less welfare recipients.


(As an aside, here's two perspectives from two groups, liberal and conservative, on how federal tax dollars have been spent in recent years: The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities and The Heritage Foundation.

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