Lord, I'm on my way . . . to Obama Land



I can't help it, this time I have to join the crowd — especially when it seems to be the country's fastest growing group. Nearly everyone, and I mean everyone, is going to Washington, D.C., for Obama's inauguration — and they're blogging about it, too! How can I resist the tide? So, OK, here I go with my own, personal, fascinating-to-everyone-else, Obama inauguration blog. Umm, well, let's see, I haven't really planned to go to DC yet, so I don't have any "we're sharing rooms with ..." stories, and, um, I bet the traffic jams will be at near-Satanic levels, so I won't have any great car trip stories to tell, other than the one about getting skinned by a car rental agency that could sense a pack of lemmings a month away. Getting into clubs or restaurants will be pretty much impossible, so I doubt anything much will happen there. Hmm, let me think about this inauguration trip some more, and I'll get back to you. In the meantime, I hope Christmas was good for you. But don't worry — I'll report to you later on all my new inauguration plans that you're dying to hear about.

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