What is Mayor Pat going to do?



It's been over a month since Charlotte mayor Pat McCrory lost his first election in recent history. He wanted to be governor but Bev Perdue edged him out --even in his own Mecklenburg back yard.

So what now? We'll find out at 1 p.m., according to media outlets around Charlotte. But do we want another term of McCrory as mayor? As the nation as adopted "change", shouldn't Charlotte? We're facing issues that old politics can't fix. No disrespect, but McCrory is old politics. Maybe when he was elected the first time he was a new face, but now he is the "old boys club" president.

When he was running for governor, he clearly put his political needs over those of the city.

And with the back and forth between McCrory and governor-elect Purdue during the election, you have to wonder if Charlotte is going to continue to get screwed by Raleigh.  I-485 still isn't done but Fayetteville is getting new roads? You can say it's because Raleigh's corrupt or you can admit that a lot of the legislators in the Capital City just don't like Charlotte and it's local leadership. 

Now that the city knows McCrory has higher goals, maybe if he runs for mayor again, he will experience his second loss.

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