Black-on-black crime



Alan Keyes and Clarence Thomas have spearheaded the effort to have President-Elect Obama disqualified because he is not a "natural born citizen." Funny, none of the founding fathers were either. I suspect if Sen. John McCain was born in Panama and he is considered "natural born," then someone born in Hawaii to a mother from Kansas is probably a citizen. For two black men, who are clearly the descendants of slaves based on their insistence on maintaining the master's house at their expense, this is deplorable. To continue to be agents of the state and undermine President-elect Obama even at the 11th hour is tragic. Funny, Alan Keyes didn't raise this issue when he got crushed by Obama in the 2004 Senate race. This is quite possibly the most extreme case of black-on-black crime that I have ever seen. This is truly a sad day.

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