Screw the CEOs, change the cars, save the workers


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The Big Three automaker honchos were told yesterday that Congress isn't exactly getting revved up about handing over $34 billion to save dysfunctional car companies. The CEOs — who had the audacity to make a big deal out of driving to the Congressional hearing after being slammed for flying to D.C. in separate corporate jets a couple of weeks ago — swore up and down that they'll do whatever it takes to get the money — "hell, we'll even make fuel-efficient cars! How about electric cars?! What about solar?? Look at us, we're green!! Now, where's the money?"

What the Big Three didn't mention was that their promise to change their products are largely bullshit. Consider this: since 2007, these guys spent $120 million lobbying Congress, with most of that money going to fight proposed laws to boost fuel economy requirements. And we're supposed to believe them now?

Here's my idea: give the auto companies the money on condition that their CEOs resign without a penny in bonus money, install some innovative businesspeople — yes, we still have some of those lying around someplace — and save the workers' jobs while retooling the industry to produce electric vehicles. Yes, it would be hard, but we're in a huge mess and it's time to initiate some new ideas and get fossils like the Big Three CEOs — and fossil fuels — off the road and out of the way.


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