Pooting gets kid arrested



Despite the problems at Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, I don’t think we’d ever see a kid arrested for farting.

Or for the politically correct among us, breaking wind. Passing gas, cutting the cheese.

However, a 13-year-old boy in Florida is clogging the judicial system because he farted. And turned off computers in class.

According to the report, the incident occurred Nov. 4, when the 13-year-old boy “continually disrupted his classroom environment” by purposely breaking wind. He then shut off some computers other students were using.

A school resource officer placed the boy under arrest after he confessed about his behavior, according to the report. He was charged with disruption of school function and released to his mother.

It leaves the question floating in the air of how bad did this little boy funk up the place to cause such a display of force.

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