There’s no such thing as bad publicity


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It’s good to know that while the some of us were preoccupied with things like the economy and the country’s political future, others were concentrating on what’s really important.

Ashley Dupre, the prostitute in the sex scandal that forced Eliot Spitzer to resign as governor of New York, is getting ready for her close-up. Her interview with Diane Sawyer is scheduled for Friday night’s 20/20 on ABC. It’s part of Sawyer’s investigation into the world of prostitution -- really.

And I thought the Spitzer scandal was so eight months ago.

Promotional photos for the TV event are priceless, with Dupre dressed in a high-necked number that makes her look as though she’s auditioning for a role on Little House on the Prairie or a biography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

The 15-minutes-of-fame rule was shattered long ago. Reality show stars move on to reality show spin-offs. And characters in real-life scandals become a different type of star.

Dupre -- aka “Kristen" -- is on a publicity blitz, trying to rehabilitate her reputation and perhaps jumpstart a music career. I’m not sure that’s possible when you have an alias. What can she possibly tell Sawyer that we don’t know and will pass through network censors? Reportedly, she reveals how an "upper middle-class, girl next door got into the profession and the psychological journey she continues to experience." What, no naughty bits?

Dupre tells People magazine that she sympathizes with North Carolina native Silda Wall Spitzer, who has stood by her heel of a husband. She would say to her: “I’m sorry for your pain.” If she feels so sorry, why doesn’t she just disappear?

That never happens. Jerry Springer is respectable and Ms. Dupre is prime-time material. It’s reported she has been asked to be a part of a new Donald Trump reality show that turns party girls into proper ladies.

And here your mother told you hard work gets you noticed.


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