N.C. State has a huge PR mess, and an apology isn't enough



The controversy over racist graffiti at N.C. State University won’t go away.

Guess what, it shouldn’t.

I’m beginning to think that some people thought the election of Barack Obama was going to be some magic wand that was going to mend race relations in the country.

It hasn’t, and the hate speech written by those four — still unidentified — Wolfpack students show that this country still has a long way to go. Why were they so upset that Obama won the presidency? These kids wrote hateful things about the next leader of this country.

While that’s horrible, the fact that the university is covering up for these students is even worse.

It shows that even institutions in North Carolina are still clinging to those “good old boy” ways.

What if those students had written something about Jewish people or gays? I really think we’d get more than this from Chancellor James Oblinger:

... after careful consideration by university legal counsel in concert with Student Affairs and the Office of Equal Opportunity, we have determined that there are no legal grounds to expel or suspend these students.

The statement also said the four students who admitted to painting the racial slurs voluntarily issued an apology through his office.

Since N.C. State is a public university, these students should be forced to face the public. If you’re going to throw stones, be ready to get your hand slapped when you’re caught.

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