3,000 calories



That's how many calories are in a typical Thanksgiving meal. Given that people of average size should generally eat between 1,600-2,400 calories per day, this is a pretty hefty meal. One extra slice of pie can send you over the 3,500 calorie mark, and 3,500 is the magic number of calories needed to gain 1 pound! So what's a Thanksgiving-food-loving person to do? Work it off! Here are a few ideas to get you started burning that butter!

Doing each activity for 50 minutes, you can burn...

  1. 98 calories playing cards
  2. 225 calories playing ping pong
  3. 345 calories disco dancing
  4. 285 calories raking leaves
  5. 397 calories sledding
  6. 337 calories shoveling snow
  7. 202 calories grocery shopping
  8. 345 calories ice skating
  9. 457 calories playing touch football with the kids
  10. 60 calories kissing

*Numbers based on a 150 lb person.

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