Uptown Charlotte is becoming a hot spot. . . of crime


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Uptown Charlotte has become a hot spot.

A hot spot of crime, that is.

After years of weeding undesirables out of Uptown, guess what, they’re back. Poor Center City Partners. In the last two weeks there have been stories about a body being found Uptown, fights at bars and armed robberies of Johnson and Wales students.

What the hell is going on up there? I mean, it’s not as if there aren’t more cops patrolling uptown than anywhere else? And then there are all of those cameras that can catch a crook breaking into a car—but police don’t know who’s robbing college students?

Now Uptown isn’t safe? Will Mayor Pat McCrory call Uptown a corridor of crime like he did when Farm Pond in east Charlotte saw a spike in crime.

Maybe all of this crime in Uptown means Charlotte is becoming a real city, you know, like Detroit.


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