Yes, Charlotte, there is college football here



Johnson C. Smith University has only been around since 1867 and the school has been playing football since 1892.

But UNC-Charlotte’s phantom football team is something the community can rally around? What? White people can’t get with the historically black team?

The Golden Bulls do kind of suck. Their last winning season was in 2006, but do you 49ers think your team is going to come out the gate undefeated?

Just because you put a bunch of big dudes on the field, doesn’t mean that they can out play the other team.

The TV media is basically ignoring the fact that Johnson C. Smith has a football team and that’s wrong. Especially when in 2006 the school brought the Pioneer Bowl to Charlotte. And do you think the CIAA Basketball Tournament would’ve made Charlotte its home if not for the entire athletic program at J.C. Smith? Charlotte, you’re an ungrateful ass heifer. And by the way, the hometown team won the tournament last year.

The CIAA Basketball Tournament drops millions of dollars into this city’s struggling economy. What has UNCC brought to town? An illegal racing club?

According to WBTV:

UNCC is looking to build a football stadium on campus but they are looking into retrofitting Memorial Stadium located outside Center City Charlotte for the team to use initially.

And what about Johnson C. Smith’s homecoming game? Does anyone care?

Five years from now UNCC plans to start its football program. Good for them, but Charlotte should not pretend that this is the first college football team in town. And if the school is relying on ticket sales, they need to realize that in these parts, people only support winners. So if they suck in season one, no one is going to buy tickets in season two.

Sure UNCC is a public university and J.C. Smith is private. But do you know that you’re more likely to be robbed in University City than at 100 Beatties Ford Road?

If UNCC football doesn’t start for five years and you want to see some in-town college football, go to a game at J.C. Smith. Tickets, at least this past season, were only $10.

And here’s hoping that UNCC’s football program doesn’t effect my state taxes!

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