Vicktory dogs wine?



This morning ESPN was talking about former NFL quarterback on SportsCenter.

And that's how my morning started.

Then I saw this:


Georgia, Handsome Dan, Curly and other pit bulls rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation are getting a shot at fame as stars of a line of boutique red wines.

The Vicktory Dogs Wine Collection features colorful portraits of 22 dogs confiscated from Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels that now live at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah.

Does Vick get a cut of the profit? He is bankrupt, you know.

Yes, dogfighting is wrong, and like Michael Vick, I reject it. (I found Jesus too, he was hiding behind my sofa)

I have yet to understand America's obsession with dogs. Vick's punishment was overboard when you have men in the NFL (and currently in the White House--George W. Bush) who have killed PEOPLE.

In some states, you get more time in prison for killing a dog than killing a woman or a baby. That shit is crazy.

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