Forget the Facebook foul-ups — nail Gauvreau



How can CMS suspend a teacher for doing something they have no rules against? That's an important part of the current Facebook controversy and should be explained

before anyone else gets their bowels in an uproar. I have no problem with getting rid of a teacher who calls her black students "chitlins" — that's racist, pure and simple, no matter whether the teacher thought her message was "private" or not, and you don't want someone with that kind of outlook at the front of any classroom. At the same time, however, CMS has no official policy regarding teacher postings on shared websites such as Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal, etc., so how can the system justify slapping down employees who haven't actually broken any rules? If CMS wanted to come out of this controversy looking good, they've failed, as usual, with their heavy-handed, authoritarian attitudes that have made them the bane of most local public school teachers' existence. If CMS really wants to gain more public confidence — and at this point, that's a tall order — Superintendent Peter Gorman should issue a statement opposing yesterday's attempt by the School Board's three GOP members, led by head stooge Larry "Curly" Gauvreau, to screw much of the black community out of its representation on the board. Of course, it's so much easier to huff and puff and pose as leaders while smacking down someone lower on the totem pole than to confront the racists at the top of the heap.

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