The GOP is tearing itself apart.



It would be hard to watch the fall of the Republicans if it weren't so damned funny.

Since the election, the GOP has been nipping at itself. Want proof?

Here's a sample of an e-mail that I received from a decidedly right-wing group:

War In The GOP & John McCain's Blame Game

November 12, 2008

by William Gheen

President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

The top brass in the Republican Party that the public blames the most for perpetual wars, the next Great Depression, and trying to give Amnesty to millions of illegal aliens that they let into the country in the first place are circling the wheel of the GOP ship with their rapiers out!

Blue collar and middle class Republicans are advancing on the once proud captains of the GOP hoping to see Bush, McCain, and their most ardent supporters walk the political plank, in an effort to save the party from decades of fallout. Let's face the truth. Bush, McCain, Senators Graham and Martinez have not only led the GOP to destruction, they have run the great ship called America upon the rocks, with their brand of 'leadership' in the US Senate and the White House.

The GOP lost any real chance of retaining the White House the day John McCain won the primary. Due to election dynamics, a Ted Kennedy loving, Amnesty pushing, Free Trade pushing, Globalist, Democrat in Republican clothing named John McCain won. On election day, the resounding message and historical example became "You can't screw over the conservative base and still win as President!"

The turnout level for the 2008 elections was no where near the created media hype massive turnout forecast by the pro-Obama media. In fact, according to the American University‚s Center for the Study of the American Electorate, Democratic turnout was only up a few percent points. The problem for McCain was that less Republicans showed up than in 2004's Presidential race and many of those Republicans either voted for Obama, voted third party, or left his race blank.

Take heart, dear Republicans, there is always Sarah Palin to bail you out. Just make sure you dress her up real nice.

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