Pro sports in a recession?



It’s Tuesday night and the Denver Nuggets are in town, but the seats in Time Warner Cable Arena are pretty empty.

The economic news isn’t good and it’s spilling over into how people are spending their discretionary income. Maybe the money that they’d spend on a ticket to see Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups has to be put aside for a rainy day.

Or maybe people still aren’t sold the 2-5 Charlotte Bobcats.

Eddie Henson was one of the fans who came out to the game on Tuesday. He said he was there because he’d gotten free tickets. Normally, he said he’d come to one or two games a year.

“We’d come out depending on who was playing. I like to come see LeBron [James] play and Carmello,” he said. But now that many people are tightening their belts, Henson said he’s going to do the same — even if he hadn’t been doing a good job of it right now.

“I’m trying not to eat out as much,” he said, but then he motioned to his companion, “but that’s pretty hard.”

But sitting through a Bobcats game is kind of lame. The team isn’t that great and if you’re not a fan of who they’re playing, there is really no reason for you to be in the Time Warner Cable Arena.

The pre-game activities focus as much on head coach Larry Brown as it does on the players. I realized as I watched the Bobcats, this team doesn’t have one star that people would spend their hard earned money to see. Gerald Wallace? Okafor? Raymond Felton?

The biggest star for the Bobcats is Michael Jordan and I didn’t see him last night.

But the Bobcats are finally starting to give people their money’s worth. The first half of the game looked as if the Bobcats would win and when they only lost by eight points, it pretty much showed that they’re not the losers they used to be.

Still, a good seat at Time Warner Cable Arena costs about $75.

They’re going to have to win a lot more games if they want to sell out in this economy.

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