Dumbing down graduation requirements in CMS



So, have you heard that CMS is proposing to cut back graduation requirements from 28 credits to 24 credits? Some students may even be able to graduate in three years rather than four. Apparently this change came from discussions of how to lower the dropout rate.

What ever happened to churning out some quality, educated young people out of this school system? It seems to be all about numbers nowadays. As long as it looks good on paper, it must be right, huh. Sure, more kids may — and I stress "may" — be able to acquire a piece of paper that says they're competent enough to graduate from high school, but will that be enough to help them stand on their own two feet in this big, bad world? Is three years an adequate amount of time to allow a student to mature and develop any degree of common sense? I'm not so sure.

The regular board meeting is tonight at 6 p.m. at the Government Center (600 E. 4th St.) Officials don't expect the proposition to get much discussion though because of a packed agenda. The agenda includes:

  1. Recommend approval of proposed amendments to Policy JIE, “Pregnant Students”
  2. Recommend approval of draft amendments to Policy BID (Version 1), “Board Member Compensation and Expenses”
  3. Recommend approval of draft amendments to Policy BID (Version 2), “Board Member Compensation and Expenses”
  4. Recommend approval of proposed boundaries and feeder patterns
  5. Recommend approval of Superintendent’s Magnet Program Recommendations
  6. Recommend approval of the process for electing District 3 Representative to complete the remaining term ending December 2009

Click here for the complete agenda and for info on how you can speak at the public hearing.

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