Creepy celebrity news




42-year-old Stephen Baldwin (the Baldwin from Bio-Dome with Pauly Shore) is making news today for befriending 15-year-old Miley Cyrus and tattooing her alter-ego Hannah Montana's initials on his shoulder.

Stephen claims that Miley dared him to do it with the promise of a cameo on her TV show.

Stephen recently claimed that he would move to Canada if Obama won, but no reports of him packing his suitcases have surfaced. Since he seems to think 15-year-old teeny-boppers make the best of friends for 42-year-olds, I'm thinking maybe Canada doesn't want him.

He's also starring in a right-wing approved, violence-filled and sex-free film called Sharks in Venice. Is it Snakes on a Plane for the McCain crowd?

For what it's worth, when Stephen Baldwin decided to crawl out from under his rock of obscurity, he did it in a big, creepy way.

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