Get real about Veterans Day



It's Veterans' Day, so the country today is full of thank-you's, hurrahs, and heart-tugging nods toward the flag and members of the military. Which is good — our vets deserve the praise, and we're lucky to have them. Trouble is, we tend to make a big deal of veterans on Nov. 11, and then forget the fact that the government's treatment of them is second-rate and shoddy. If you really mean it when you say we should "honor our veterans," after you've said "thanks," here's another way you can thank them, in a way that could make an actual difference in their lives: Call or e-mail your representative in Congress, and/or your U.S. senators and tell them you support expanding benefits for veterans and improving (make that greatly improving) the care given to veterans at VA hospitals. You'll feel better, believe me — kind of like you did after you voted last week.

Sen. Elizabeth Dole

(202) 224-6342

Sen. Richard Burr

(202) 224-3154

Rep. Mel Watt

(202) 225-1510

Rep. Robin Hayes

(202) 225-3715

Rep. Sue Myrick

(202) 225-1976

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