What now for County Commissioner Dan Ramirez?


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Commissioner Dan Ramirez:


Ramirez was elected to the Board of County Commissioners twice in an at-large seat, but in this election he lost.

He says that his future plans include making up for the money he lost while he was in office.

“I’m going to work like crazy,” he said in a phone interview today. Ramirez owns a small engineering firm, which he said he’s going to focus 100 percent of his attention on right now.

“It sounds funny, but it is the truth. Fortunately, I have a life and I have a job and I have to make a living and I’ll be putting my time into my company,” he said.

As far as running for office in the future, he said it’s too early to talk about.

“You can never say never, but for the time being I just want to go ahead and take a respite and work in my office and we’ll see what happens.”

And though Ramirez doesn’t think the newly elected commissioners will take his advice, he does hope the board will delay the property reevaluation.

He says this community just can't afford it right now.


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