Shocker! Obama says Constitution more important than he!


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The Obama team has already made one huge change in terms of the way the administration proposes to do business. It's called respecting the U.S. Constitution, unlike the outlook of the Bushies, in which the country's founding document was treated as so much toilet paper. As pointed out today by TalkingPointsMemo, the Obama transition team's web site includes an organizational chart of the U.S. government, and guess what? Above the executive branch, above the president, Congress, or anything else, at the very top of the chart, it says,  "U.S. Constitution." Imagine that for a minute: a president who makes it official that he believes upholding the Constitution is more important than his office or power. I know, that's how it's usually been — after all, the president does swear to uphold the Constitution at the inauguration — but after the past eight years of paranoid arrogance in the White House, the term "breath of fresh air" hardly seems adequate to describe Obama's first-day-out-of-the-gate approach. By the way, Obama's organizational chart also shows the vice president as a mere member of the executive branch, rather than the new, fourth branch of government invented by the fantasy world that roams inside Dick Cheney's head.


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