God reads my blogs!



I’m happy to say that in the end, the people didn’t fall for it. They didn’t fall for the horrible ads, in which Dole’s campaigners cut-and-pasted words from different speeches to make Kay Hagan say, “There is no Wave Bye Bye Now!God!” They didn’t fall for the ads comparing Hagan to a little barking terrier, before moving on to how well respected Dole is in Washington.

Last week I wrote a blog saying that if there was a God, he would strike down Elizabeth Dole for that ridiculous ad claiming Hagan’s campaign was using “Godless money,” whatever that is. From the looks of her things duringher concession speech last night, Dole just might have been struck by lightning.

On Monday night, I braved pouring rain, a longer line than any voting location could hold and crazy pro-lifers with photoshopped pictures of babies looking just like the ones who rang my doorbell on Friday night, all to hear Barack Obama speak at UNCC. I got a special surprise to hear Kay Hagan speak first to the huge crowds settling into the muddy fields in front of Duke Centennial Hall. She gave a great speech and I was surprised at the amount of people truly cheering her on, not just waiting around for the big guy to get there. The biggest response to Hagan came when she told the crowd to help her send Dole a new pair of ruby red slippers to send her back to Kansas. Thinking of this moment gave me a great feeling to hear her tell her supporters back in Greensboro last night that she was looking for a new pair of slippers, because she gave hers away. A nice way of rubbing it in to the woman who spent the last weeks of her campaign, and probably her political career, desperately slandering Kay Hagan’s name.

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