Election wrap-up: More than Obama



The 2008 general election is over. But North Carolina is still in play. While President-elect Barack Obama has a lead in the state, it’s still being classed as too close to call by the majority of the news media.

Johnnie McLean of the State Board of Elections said the certified results of the presidential election will be ready on Nov. 25th.

"We don't anticipate that anything will change between now and that time, but we do have a careful and very methodical procedure by which results are certified."

Meaning that it's pretty safe to unofficially "call" North Carolina for Obama.

But, the unofficial results from the Mecklenburg County Board of Elections show these winners and losers in our county:


Obama/Biden (DEM)

61.83% 252,642

McCain/Palin (REP)

37.44% 152,957

Barr/Root (LIB)

0.46% 1,891


0.27% 1,092

U.S. Senate:

Kay Hagan (DEM)

61.59% 248,454

Elizabeth Dole (REP)

35.47% 143,059

Christopher Cole (LIB)

2.89% 11,652


0.05% 211

U.S. House of Representatives, District 8:

Larry Kissell (DEM)

74.80% 34,560

Robert C. (Robin) Hayes (REP)

25.20% 11,642

U.S. House of Representatives, District 9:

Harry Taylor (DEM)

40.59% 98,106

Sue Myrick (REP)

57.56% 139,110

Andy Grum (LIB)

1.85% 4,477

U.S. House of Representatives, District 12:

Mel Watt (DEM)

81.19% 89,750

Ty Cobb, Jr. (REP)

18.81% 20,792

The governor’s race was somewhat of a surprise in Mecklenburg County where current Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory was expected to win big in his back yard, but according to the BOE’s data, it was very close and Perdue squeezed out a 1 percent victory in Mecklenburg County.


Bev Perdue (DEM)

49.04% 198,631

Pat McCrory (REP)

48.94% 198,246

Michael C. Munger (LIB)

2.02% 8,184

Lt. Governor:

Walter H. Dalton (DEM)

56.37% 222,776

Robert Pittenger (REP)

41.21% 162,869

Phillip Rhodes (LIB)

2.42% 9,553

In some key state house races, the incumbents won without much fanfare, but in District 99, embattled politician and lightning rod of controversy Nick Mackey won a seat in Raleigh.

Nick Mackey (DEM)

65.34% 28,008

Dempsey Miller (REP)

34.66% 14,858

Beverly Earle will continue to serve Charlotte, even if she isn’t the mayor of the city. She clobbered her Republican challenger in the election.

Beverly Miller Earle (DEM)

79.30% 30,064

Beth Marlin (REP)

20.70% 7,846

On the county level, it looks as if the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners is turning bluer.

At Large:

Harold Cogdell, Jr. (DEM)

18.95% 208,018

Dan Murrey (DEM)

19.17% 210,381

Jennifer Roberts (DEM)

21.19% 232,582

Hal Jordan (REP)

12.93% 141,894

Dan Ramirez (REP)

13.92% 152,755

Susan Walker (REP)

13.84% 151,894

District Two:

Vilma D. Leake (DEM)

75.86% 41,070

Tim McLeod (REP)

24.14% 13,072

To see the results from all races decided yesterday, log on to www.meckboe.org.

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