Smack Dole hard



Candidates who run ads as slimy and outrageous as Liddy "I used to be somebody" Dole's anti-Hagan "Godless Americans" commercial should be disqualified. That's right, thrown out of the race. Instant loser. Hey, if you're in a boxing match and you won't quit hitting the other guy below the belt, you're disqualified. If you're a basketball, football or baseball player and you hit the ref or ump, you're outta there. It should be the same in politics. I know, I know, freedom of speech. But just as there are limited, but legitimate restrictions on types of speech that are potentially deadly (yelling "fire" in a crowded theater is the most well-known example), politicians should not be able to say whatever the hell they want, no matter how exaggerated, slanderous, or over the top and get away with it — consider it a way to avoid potentially deadly effects on our electoral system.

Unfortunately, Dole's not the only one who's been busy slandering opponents this election season. Check out these examples of anti-Obama literature and ads that have run around the country.

Note: the "Obama thinks terrorists just need a good talking to" ad is an official McCain campaign ad.




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