Obama's Craigslist lustfest



Check out the ticket section of Craigslist, where folks who have tix to his election night party are trying to score more than victory:

Looking for a super hot chick to be my date to the Obama event. I have no problem pulling hot girls in general so since I have Obama tickets you have to be not just hot but like super model hot, or if you look like Eva Longoria. Wanna be my date to Obama?

I have an extra ticket to the Obama rally and am looking for someone who'd like to go with me for free. I will be awarding this ticket strictly on looks and welcome all women to reply to this ad.

I am a normal guy who is just looking to have a good time with a beautiful woman. Please reply to the ad with a current picture of yourself with your beauty on display. Nudes are ok.

Alas, some folks think this is a wee bit crass:

I could not possibly be more disgusted with my fellow human beings and Chicagoans than I am right now.


In good faith, you were given the opportunity to come together in (hopefully) celebration of a new era of hope in America, and the first thought to cross your polluted mind was "How can I convert this good will into cash/ass/drugs?"


Yes, yes ... I know. "Capitalism!" you'll say. "Supply and Demand!" you'll stammer. The truth is, these are the same weak arguments and excuses that have lead our nation to the verge of collapse.

Lord, is the economy this bad? This person is trying to use her Obama tickets to get a job:

I'm a third year law student who is getting increasingly anxious about my life and career post-graduation. I am offering to bring as my guest to the Obama rally anyone who can offer any sort of real, prospective employment, internship, and/or networking opportunities. I have a diverse array of legal interests, including IP, criminal law, and health law and policy. Perhaps this ad will indicate my ability to "think outside of the box," but most likely this demonstrates my utter desperation to somehow secure any sort of employment. Regardless, anyone who feels they can help, I am not asking for any money or anything in return except company at the rally and the chance for me to pick your brain.

And one person will give a free ticket to anyone who renounces their religion:

Get free ticket when you abandon Christianity or any other faith and become atheist/agnostic. E-mail for details. If you are already atheist/agnostic or if you are not going to abandon your faith please, bid $350+ for the ticket. Proceeds will go to non profit.

You'd expect to find people pimping tickets for sex on Craiglist, I guess, but others posters have some unusual requests. One is willing to swap tickets for a job or internship, and the other is offering a ticket to anyone willing to renounce her religion.

Hat tip: Wonkette

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