Mecklenburg County Board of Clowns?



The County had better hope Vilma Leake doesn't win the District 1 seat on Nov. 1.

Leake, currently a member of the School Board, would be another player in the already crowded circus of the BOC.

Bill James and George Dunlap are going at it already. In the Charlotte Observer, James called Dunlap a thug and Dunlap, according to WBTV, said James should put his sheet back on. That's what was reported last night.

James released a statement that says:

The vote [Thursday] to appoint George Dunlap is legally questionable as no verifiable information was supplied to the County Commission to determine if George was qualified. I refused to attend for that reason. Had I been there I would have voted ‘no' because the Board has performed no review to determine George's qualifications and the Mecklenburg County Democrat Party's track record is less than encouraging (think Mackey).

Even so, George's appointment (and Vilma's likely election) will provide a target rich environment for the GOP over the next two years by highlighting the past thuggish behavior of certain Democrat members.

George's long record of thuggish behavior towards white women is frankly scary. It will be interesting to see if he will be able to control himself or (as he said in the Observer today) ‘instinctively' assault or harass the members of the Board of Commissioners the way he did so with white Female School Board members or employees over the years. Specifically, when asked about his assault record of violent sexism by the Observer he said that it "happened instinctively."

Let's hope that he doesn't ‘instinctively' pummel Jennifer Roberts or Karen Bentley over the next two years.

It is frankly sad that the best the Democrats can come up with is someone who admits ‘instinctively' attacking white women while refusing to offer even the most weak of apologies for his actions.

I ‘instinctively' oppose violence as a way to solve societies problems and George should apologize to those he has hurt.

Welcome to the County Commission George.


Commissioner Bill James

Let the sideshow begin. Things can only get worse if Leake joins the board. She's known to be outspoken and for battling her Republican counter parts. Sorry to say this, but Bill James makes Larry Gauvreau look liberal. The BOC is going to be a joke and who's going to suffer? The citizens of Mecklenburg County.

But for James to play the race card with Dunlap before the first meeting -- is this a new record? Will we ever have government that works in this county?

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