If there is a God ... strike down Liddy Dole!


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What has this race come to?!?! Elizabeth Dole released an attack ad Wednesday morning calling Kay Hagan an atheist, saying she attended a secret fundraiser held by the Godless Americans PAC and showed atheists talking about their views. The worst part of the ad comes at the end when the holier-than-thou narrator asks the question, “What did Hagan promise in return?” followed by a voice that’s supposed to sound like Hagan’s sort of moaning, “There is no God!” as if she’s already beginning her descent to hell.


This ad would be hilarious if it wasn’t so disgusting. I will begin by stating that Kay Hagan is an elder at First Presbyterian Church in Greensboro and that 40 people, including a U.S. ambassador, hosted this not-so-secret fundraiser. I say this because we do live in the Bible Belt and certain people do think this is the most important aspect of a political race. But the point that I would like to make is this: Why should we care? I was raised Catholic and my beliefs have changed throughout the years and are still forming through this crazy head of mine, but I would never have necessarily thought of myself an atheist. That being said, had she attended a fundraiser sponsored fully by atheists and/or accepted their money I would never have been offended. I am offended by political ads that waste my time by openly trying to brainwash me into thinking Kay Hagan is the antichrist. What does Dole think is going to happen? Satan’s statue on the courthouse steps? Students praying as one nation, under George Carlin? This is a closedminded ad from a closedminded candidate who is desperate because she can’t stand the thought of taxpayers not being the ones supporting her newfound goal of trying to look like Joan Rivers. OK, the old ads got a chuckle out of me, calling Hagan “Fibber Kay” and comparing her to a little barking dog. You’re as cute as a senile old woman who can’t figure out a cell phone. But it’s time to get serious. It would be a good idea to try to disprove any of Hagan's accusations instead of just telling people how you are so admired. If you’re going to run attack ads, stick to the issues and stay away from the slander. That was a nice Bill O’Reilly cameo to throw in there too, Liddy. That was a surefire way to get 75 percent of viewers to change the channel as soon as they see it anyway.


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