Something is fishy



By now you've heard the news of the 20-year-old McCain worker who was robbed at an ATM, beaten and had a "B" carved into her face.

That B must stand for B.S., not Barack Obama.

The woman, Ashley Todd of College Station, Texas, refused medical attention. An officer saw the injury, but the police report did not describe its size or severity, a police spokeswoman said.

I'm sorry, most people who have been attacked want medical attention. They want to find out if their attacker used a rusty knife.

And if a man or woman just carved up my face, I think I'd know which way he or she ran. Ashley didn't.


Ashley's injuries don't even look real. Was this "robber" holding her upside down when he carved up her face? It's highly possible that she maimed herself. And before anyone says you can't beat yourself in the face -- oh yes you can.

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Had this been a real robbery with a "real stupid" Obama supporter, wouldn't that person carve and "O" rather than a backwards "B"?

Who knows, that B could stand for Beyonce and this could be a marketing ploy for her new CD.

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