Dwayne Collins sides with George Dunlap



Black Political Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg chairman Dwayne Collins, who sought appointment to the late Valerie Woodard's District 3 Mecklenburg County Commission seat, is now urging commissioners to seat the man who beat him out for the appointment.

"I feel the denial is rooted in politics as opposed to being guided by principles," Collins said in a statement e-mailed this afternoon. "Members who voted in favor of blocking Mr. Dunlap's appointment did so with a host of important policy issues before the board, including the reassessment of property values, and the possible implementation of a $50-million-dollar cap on Park and Recreation bonds. I feel that the decision of certain board members to block Mr. Dunlap's appointment was primarily driven by the fear of finding the results of many policy issues, including the aforementioned, not to their liking. As a result, along with blocking Mr. Dunlap's appointment, this fear caused certain members to embrace the art of stalemating these issues in hopes of securing the majority, therefore assuring themselves outcomes much more to their liking after the November 4th General Elections."

Collins is expected to speak on the Caucus' behalf at the Nov. 5 commission meeting, according to the statement.

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