Mayor Butthead has the hots for Palin



It's a rare to see local TV and a local politician at their worst at the same time, but here's your chance. In case you missed Pat McCrory's recent co-host appearance on Fox News Edge on WCCB (and as always, a ginormous majority of you did miss it), check this out.

You have to wonder what McCrory was thinking. Here's a guy who has a good chance of being the only Republican in North Carolina to win a statewide office this year (thank you Bev Perdue for one of the most uninspiring campaigns in memory), and for some reason he shows up on a program of jaw-dropping, low-rent stupidity, hosted by the infantile, way over-caffeinated Brotha Fred and his talking hairpiece. In the linked clip, McCrory delivers a Top 10 list of Things You Don't Know About Life On The Campaign Trail, mostly boring stuff, until the last item, "Sarah Palin is much hotter in person," after which McCrory snickers and pants like Butthead and looks like a middle-school geek who just told a pee-pee joke. Genuinely pathetic, uncomfortable, and maybe just a bit too revealing. If Perdue's campaign was on the ball (which of course they're not), they'd run McCrory's embarrassing, juvenile performance in one of their own ads, asking, "Do you really want this loser to be governor?"


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