What about the local issues?



As voters line up to cast their vote early, I hope they are thinking about more than just who will be the next president.

There are four bonds on the ballot: A $250,000,000 park and recreation bond referendum.

A $172,200,000 Street Bond, a $10,000,000 housing bond and a $47,000,000 Neighborhood Improvement Bond.

Don't these people know we're in a recession? The Housing and Street Bonds, I can see people supporting.

But Park and Rec? Give me a break. Mecklenburg County has restrictive rules about who can go into a park. I'm sure there are some commissioners who would like to ban homosexuals and sex offenders from the parks. What's next? A ban on single black men in parks? No single mothers can go to the park? Here's hoping that the people of this county will vote down this bond. And this city and county always gets bond money but it seems as if they never do what's promised.

I don't see any improvements city wide. Just in Uptown and South Park. What about areas of the city that really need help? Hello? East Charlotte?

I don't trust the city to handle my money. I'm not voting for any bonds.

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