Election madness of the future



It doesn't usually take too long after a national election for members of the media, or political junkies, to start speculating about who might run for president the next time around. We've now beaten the old record for quick predictions. That's right — several of the Internet's political sites are already talking about who will run in 2012 against the presumptive next president, Barack Obama. The money seems to be on a race between Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination, but since these way-early predictions are almost always wrong (remember Giuliani vs. Hillary in '08?), who really knows? The point, though, is who cares? It's bad enough that U.S. presidential elections stretch into two-year battles. Who really wants to see a perpetual, never-ending White House race? It's unbelievable, but if the Internet is any indication, lots of people do.

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