Trader Joe's uptown



The long-awaited Trader Joe's is now open in the Metropolitan shopping center near uptown. I visited the store for the first time yesterday. The store, which opened last Friday, offers great international pre-made food and frozen food options. As a single gal, I stocked up on gourmet granolas, frozen burritos, mini pizzas, and the like for quick dinners. I found some relatively healthy options and can't wait to try them. Also, their cartons of gourmet soups are quite good -- creamed corn soup (only 110 cal per serving), butternut squash bisque and carrot ginger soup.

A tip though: when the check-out person asks you if this is your first time visiting Trader Joe's, answer "NO," unless you want to be publicly humiliated when he clangs a bell and announces to the entire store "WE HAVE A FIRST TIMER HERE!!" I've learned my lesson...

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