United Way donations down ...



... and its leadership maintains their homes, keeps the light bills paid and doesn't struggle with grocery money.

As The Charlotte Observer reported today, United Way donations from top givers are down 19 percent.

How much stems from this abysmal economy vs. the Gloria Pace King brouhaha? Who knows. But you can bet it's the people who need help — and judging by the lines at Crisis Assistance Ministry and other places, there's a lot more who do lately — will pay the price, not the well-heeled folks on the board of directors, who will pay the price.

That's one reason why the chief executive officer's compensation shouldn't be set by wealthy folks who aren't held accountable for their actions. Should they screw up again and hire another high-flying exec, what's the worst that can happen to them? At the most they'll have to resign their unpaid board position. That's not much of a punishment. If the United Way doesn't install real accountability and transparency, they shouldn't expect donations to go back up too much once the economy improves.

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