An end in sight for Purgatory


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On Oct. 1, the following message was posted on Single Cell Productions' (Think: Purgatory) myspace page:

"The Following is a Message Directly from Torch Himself:

Purgatory - noun. the limbo you are trapped in until you evolve.

Ragnarok-noun. liter?ally "the Twilight of the Gods" - the time when old gods die.

Starting today, the count down to the end of all that is has officially begun.

The last Purgatory event? will be the 7 year anniversary in April of 2009:

Purgatory 43- Ragnarok.

If you've ever wanted to go to Purgatory or have been wanting to go again, your time is limited. There are only 4 left including the anniversary show. I've decided to give everyone advance warning so that anyone wanting to make plans to attend the last run can do so.

My reasons are private. I would like to thank everyone that has contributed over the course of our 7 year run and the fans who made it all possible. No tears, please. I would like the last 6 months to be a celebration of what we've done , not a funeral.

We will dance together one last time, you and I in the flames of destruction?

Purgatory 43 - Ragnarok is the end of all that is."

With all that out in the open - Purgatory fans should head out to Amos' Southend for Purgatory 40: Blitzkrieg Military Fetish Ball on Sat., Oct. 11. It appears time is running short for these fetish events. Don't miss out.


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