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Overheard at Starbucks



I love coffee. Unless it's very acidic. But I had no idea that people set up shop in Starbucks stores around Charlotte as if they were renting office space for the cost of a latte.

This morning I met with an interview subject at Starbucks and here are some of the things I overheard while waiting:

Blonde#1: "So, her husband went to jail in July and 25 days later she already had a boy toy. Then she asked me to be in the wedding and I told her that I didn't believe in this marriage and I was in your first wedding. I'll just be a guest."

Blonde#2: "Sometimes, you and your friends just grow apart."

Blonde#1: "My husband said he has lost all respect for her. And I asked him, when did you have any."

It's amazing to me that people leave their laptops sitting on tables and dash around the store as if we're not in a recession. But what took the cake was the lady who walked outside to talk on her cell phone leaving her laptop and purse inside. Does she not realize that some people are so wrapped up in their latte and frappe that they don't watch who comes and goes?

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