Up in smoke



Economic crisis. Jobs closing. McCain and Palin still functioning. But, still, it could be worse, right? Right? Well, sure. You're still alive and kicking. You could have passed on to the great beyond. And after passing, someone could have stolen your ashes from your widow's home and planned to smoke them. Um, yeah. That's worse.

And someone plans to do just that with Kurt Cobain's ashes, allegedly stolen from Courtney Love's house.

The toker, German artist Natascha Stellmach plans to smoke Cobain's remains as a finale to her art show. She claims to want to "release Cobain from the media circus and into the ether."

Good luck with that.

You just know some smart-ass in the audience will take a whiff and say, "Smells like teen spirit!"


Details here.

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