Local leaders to the rescue!



Amid all the bad news, it comes as a great relief to Charlotteans, particularly Wachovia employees, that our powerful local leaders intend to do something about the Citigroup buyout mess. In a forceful joint statement that pulled no punches and offered creative solutions, Mayor Pat McCrory, County Commission chair Jennifer Roberts and Charlotte Chamber CEO Bob Morgan announced yesterday that they, uh, "will make the case to the leadership of Citigroup to retain every job that is currently in Charlotte and to encourage them to increase their investment in our community." To which Citigroup honchos in New York will no doubt respond, "Who the hell are you? Do you have an appointment?" It's so gratifying to know that our oh-so-influential, locally elected banking industry puppets, er, leaders, are fighting for all of us. Yep, a warm, fuzzy moment indeed.

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