Black Political Caucus endorsements



The Black Political Caucus of Charlotte-Mecklenburg announced its endorsements yesterday. Here they are:

-President Of The United States: Barack Obama

-US Senator: Kay Hagan

-Congress, District 8: Larry Kissell

-Congress, District 9: Harry Taylor

-Congress, District 12: Mel Watt

-Governor: Bev Perdue

-Lt. Governor: Walter H. Dalton

-Auditor: Beth A. Wood

-Commissioner of Agriculture: Ronnie Ansley

-Commissioner of Insurance: Wayne Goodwin

-Commissioner of Labor: Mary Fant Donnan

-Secretary of State: Elaine F. Marshall

-Superintendent of Public Instruction: June St. Clair Atkinson

-Treasurer: Janet Cowell

-State Senator, District 37: Daniel G. Clodfelter

-State Senator, District 38: Charley Dannelly

-State Sendator District 39, No Endorsement

-State Senator, District 40. Malcolm Graham

-State House of Representatives, District 99: Nick Mackey

-State House of Representatives, District 100: Tricia Cotham

-State House of Representatives, District 101: Beverly Miller Earle

-State House of Representatives, District 102: Becky Carney

-State House of Representatives, District 103: No Endorsement

-State House of Representatives, District 106: Martha Alexander

-State House of Representatives, District 107: Kelly Alexander

County Commissioner At-Large

Harold Cogdell, Jr.

Dan Murrey

Jennifer Roberts

County Commissioner, District 1

S. Rao Kommareddi

County Commissioner, District 2

Vilma Leake

County Commissioner, District 3

Valerie Woodard

Register of Deeds

David Granberry

Associate Justice, NC Supreme Court

Suzanne Reynolds

Court of Appeals Judge

John S. Arrowood

Court of Appeals Judge

Cheri Beasley

Court of Appeals Judge

Linda Stephens

Court of Appeals Judge

Kristin Ruth

Court of Appeals Judge

James A. (Jim) Wynn

District Court Judge (26)

Charlotte Brown-Williams

District Court Judge (26)

Donnie Hoover

District Court Judge (26)

John Totten

District Court Judge (26)

Gary Henderson

District Court Judge (26)

Kimberly Y. Best

District Court Judge (26)

Theo X. Nixon

District Court Judge (26)

William Irwin Belk

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