And where. . .and where. . .is the Mc-Mayor?


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Dear MAYOR McCrory:

Newsflash, you are still the mayor of Charlotte, not the governor of North Carolina. Forget Wachovia needing to keep a presence in North Carolina--what about Charlotte?

Have you forgotten that you went out of your way to run for reelection as mayor? While we're running on empty in the Queen City, the city that you've been fighting Raleigh to take care of for 12 LONG years, you're in parades and kissing babies? If this is how you're going to run the state, what's my motivation for voting for you?

What happened to the gas you promised was coming? You're acting more like an irresponsible father--you know the kind who promises to pick his child up but leaves the kid sitting on the stoop--than the mayor of North Carolina's largest city.

Mr. Mayor and Not [yet] Governor, you had one press conference before today and all you did was whip the city into a frenzy that caused longer lines at dried up gas pumps. Is this how you're going to run the state? Are you only going to show up when things get so bad that people are fighting in lines and pulling guns out on each other for a gallon of overpriced gas.

You suspended your campaign a week too late. What about our city? You're treating us like Hurricane Katrina victims and losing your core. I bet Bev Perdue would've stuck around. Hell, Richard Vinroot would've been out front calming the city. You were running for governor when Charlotte ran out of gas. What a shame.


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