The earth is round



While you were reading the news that Clay Aiken is gay, Creative Loafing was doing an investigative piece on the shape of the planet.

The shocking story of Clay.

After tons of research and trips up in to outer space, our team of reporters have discovered that the Planet Earth is round and the ocean is blue.

Clay Aiken didn't have to tell a soul he was gay. Who didn't already know that? And what does it matter? Either you like his music or you don't. I've never understood why celebrities give details of their private lives and then ask for privacy. Clay could've continued doing whatever it is that he does and shared his sexual orientation with his son when he was old enough to understand it.

It's not as if Clay is relevant any way. How many years ago was he on that dreadful American Idol? But really, announcing that he's gay is just like saying Ruben Studdard is fat. Michael Jordan is black and Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. These are things we already know.

Sort of like the Earth  is round, you know.

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