CMS bus drivers have nothing on NYC



A five year old boy was dumped off a school bus in New York and answers are short as to why.

According to the Associated Press:

NEW YORK — A New York City mother wants to know why her first-grade son was left to wander the streets alone after being dropped off by a school bus driver at the end of the line.

School officials say they don’t know who put 5-year-old Jaeden Vasquez on the bus Thursday — especially since he wasn’t even supposed to be on it. He lives across the street from the school in the Bronx.

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I have to give it up to this parent for not going to the school bus driver's ass. Everyone knows you don't let a five year old wander around city streets. Hopefully this driver will be fired. This is worse than allowing a fat radio personality on to a bus filled with children.

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